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    Poised and effortlessly charming, The impeccably tailored silhouette on this cabinet pull delivers a modern expression with lavish contours, sparkling with charisma and class. Two lovely knob sizes pair with six pull lengths and two appliance handles in seven alluring finishes to elevate any cabinet from generic to iconic. Each item is individually wrapped to protect the item from damage. Attachment hardware is included.







      • Satin Nickel
      • Matte Black
      • Satin Bronze
      • Brushed Gold
      • Polished Chrome
      • Brushed Pewter
      • Brushed Oil Rubbed Bronze


      • 96 MM
      • 128 MM
      • 160 MM
      • 192 MM
      • 224 MM
      • 305 MM

      1-1/8" or 1-3/8" Audrey Cabinet Knob

    • Pricing is subject to your specific layout and design choices.

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