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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide a free estimate?

Yes, our initial consultation is free of charge because we understand that it’s really hard to get an idea of how much your project will cost on your own.  After our first meeting (which typically lasts about 30-45 minutes), we will provide you with a “Budget Estimate”.  This estimate doesn’t get into too many of the small details of your project, but will give you an idea of the cost before going to the next step of the process which is signing a design agreement and making material selections, before creating a proposal with a detailed scope of work.

How much does a standard kitchenbasement and bath renovation cost?

Click the links below for general estimates.

Can we use your office for just design and supply if we have our own contractor?

Absolutely! We often provide full design plans, material ordering and delivery for those who have another contractor or are doing the work themselves, making the process easier and more efficient for all parties.

Can you provide references?

We can provide references, and a lot of our past clients have been inclined to leave us reviews on Google and Facebook. Check out our recent testimonials!

What is the process for our remodeling project?

We begin with scheduling an on-site consultation where we assess the proposed project and discuss your goals. After a few weeks you will receive an email with a rough estimate based on our discussion. If you would like to move forward with material, labor, or both, we will schedule a design meeting in our office to go over details of the project and look at material options. When the selections and layouts are finalized, we will send a formal proposal for your review.

Do you recycle?

We try to do our best at leaving the smallest footprint possible. We are partnered with local churches and nonprofits that take some of the old materials we pull out, and we try to recycle as much of the rest as possible.

Will you do our project if we purchase the materials elsewhere?

Unfortunately, we do not do projects without providing the products ourselves unless it is a special circumstance. We used to do this but have had many issues with products that have come damaged or we aren’t used to installing them. We rely on our partnerships with our vendors to help with damaged products, unique installations, and specialized product information.

When do we receive the drawings for review?

You receive your project drawings after you sign our proposal or design agreement. For basements, kitchens, and bathrooms; we’ll meet with you during the proposal process to make revisions. 

You keep talking about starting with a budget for my project, why?

We have designed some amazing spaces and can for your project as well, but if your budget doesn’t reflect your ultimate desires, it will be a waste of time for both of us. By starting with a realistic budget, you allow us to design based on both your need and your budget. We have many years of experience, by being candid about your budget, it allows us to come up with value driven budget ideas. It’s very normal not to know what a realistic budget should be for your project.  Let’s talk and we can help you get a better idea of what to expect. 

Do you accept credit card payments or have financing?

Yes, we do accept credit card payments. Please note there is a 2% bank processing fee added.  There's no fee when paying cash or by check.  If you’d like to finance your project cost, we have services available we can recommend.

Should I budget for costs beyond the proposal price?

We always advise our customers to set aside additional funds beyond the anticipated cost. Unforeseen issues, including bad framework, outdated wiring, and rotting wood can result in additional costs beyond those outlined in the proposal.  We always try to limit these expenses and predict these problem areas well in advance. However, issues can arise beyond our control.   

Is there a difference between an estimate and a proposal?

       Estimate: This is a rough range of the costs that you’ll incur during your project. It will likely change as the design and your material selections are refined. This gives you a better sense of how much to set aside for your project before moving forward.

       Proposal:  This is the detailed scope of work used to complete your project.  It includes everything you need to understand how the project will go such as the exact design plans, labor, building material costs and timelines.  Both you and Tolin Designs will sign off on this proposal before any work takes place.

Licenced & Insured, documents available upon request.

For more questions, contact us! 

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