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5 Takeaways from the National Design Show

Last week Tolin Designs took a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to visit the annual NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) and IBS (International Builders) shows. It's always exciting to see what new innovations and trends are presented and we love returning with fresh finds to inspire our future projects.

The amount of booths was astounding (and a bit overwhelming at times). By the time we were done with 3 jam-packed halls, we had seen so many new products, listened to so many speakers and talked to so many vendors, that it took a few days to soak it all in, but here it finally is...

Our Top 5 take-aways for 2023.

1. Nothing short on comfort.

From infiity tubs (yes, please) to natural rain shower heads, self care is being taken very seriously. The popularity of steam shower systems is also skyrocketing world-wide. These units are being installed in addition to your regular walk-in shower, allowing a luxurious, spa experience to be enjoyed daily.

One of my personal favorite finds (and something I will be adding to my own home) was Kohler's Sprig Shower System, an adapter for your existing shower head that infuses your water with natural calming scents. For around $119 you'll get the unit plus multiple scents to try out, available later this year.

2. The color game is strong.

If I had a nickel for how many pink toilets we've torn out of old bathrooms...well, I wouldn't be rich but you get the point. I have to say I'm really loving the fact that we are finally getting back to having color in our houses, whether that's in our bathroom fixtures or our appliances, an accent wall or fun tile floor. Although we saw some color showing up in appliances last year, this year it came back with a fury all around the show and I'm ready for it.

3. An alternative to shiplap.

There's been SO MUCH shiplap the last few years, and I'm not going to say I didn't love it too. But I'm also glad to see some other options coming down the line, including these wall panels that can be stained, painted and really diversified for any room. I see people wanting different options other than a flat paneled wall, and with what we saw coming to market, there's some exciting options to choose from. Can you just imagine that circular panel stained dark with a rich green wall behind it?!

4. Minimalizing countertop clutter.

It seems like luxury pairs well with minimalism these days. A clean, beautiful countertop shouldn't be bothered with silly things like faucets or stovetops. The "Oooohhhs and Aahhs" were centered around this ceiling hook-up sink unit with new technology features and the sleek invisible cooktop units. Although very cool in design, I can only help but see disasters when thinking of all the mischief my young kiddos would get into with these. Maybe best for an older phase of life.

And let's not forget storage. If the catalog wasn't thick enough before, they've added even more tricks for organizational solutions.

5. Come dressed to impress.

I can't get enough of the gold hues, and from the looks of the show, I'm not alone. Hardware is becoming more and more like a jewelry line, with some lines actually being designed by people from the jewelry industry. With a lot of the cabinetry showcased becoming more sleek and flat paneled, the hardware is taking center stage and getting the attention.

Another trend we might see becoming more and more popular...metal shelving. The floating wood shelves have been keeping steady, but it may switch to metal with the rise of popularity in natural wood cabinetry to keep the contrast interesting. Interesting to observe, anyways.

And don't just leave the fashion to the cabinetry. See that bathtub? A soaker is great, but how much better with a functional, modern way to hold your wine glass at the end of the day. Just sayin'.


The show is always so inspiring and this year was no different. We saw things we loved, things we didn't (but appreciated), and were inspired by the creatives in our industry to push the envelope. Our feet still hurt from all the walking, but our minds are refreshed with new ideas to bring to the rest of the year. Stay tuned to what new products we might onboard this year in our Design Center or incorporate in our next remodel!

xoxo Tolin Designs

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