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Design and Supply 

Add another tool to your belt by partnering with Tolin Designs on your next project.

With a design center and multiple warehouse locations we can serve local contractors and builders by having the entire job coordinated and built, then delivered on-site by one of our crew members.

Our industry partners can get to the job more efficiently and have most aspects of the project coordinated by our design team, leaving them to do what they do best.


Design Consultations...See the vision!

Colors, layouts, can be overwhelming for anyone.  If your client is having a hard time envisioning their project, send them to Tolin Designs for a CAD drawing or full 3D render with the exact products they are are planning to use.  Feel free to join your client at our design center or send them in to one of our designers to make product selection quick and easy, with all aspects of the project together in one place.

Remodeling Materials

You and your clients can have one central contact and location to coordinate the following remodeling supplies:

  • Multiple lines of semi to full custom cabinetry

  • Quartz and Granite, Dekton, Quartzite, Butcher Block, Laminate countertops

  • Unique ceramic, porcelain tile, tin, wood and glass backsplash

  • Luxury vinyl or wood flooring

  • Stack stone and various unique wall coverings

  • Accent lighting and hardware

  • Tile flooring and supplies (Schluter Dealer)

  • Paints

  • Sinks and faucets 

  •  Organizational accessories and building materials

         ...all together under one roof.  


Avoid the run-around and stand out to your clients by partnering with a trusted design team. 

Contact us to learn more about our services!

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Main Office: 

6414 Market Avenue North

Canton, OH 44721


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